Reiki Ancient Magic Camphor Lamp For Vastu and Negativity Removal

Reiki Ancient Magic Camphor Lamp For Vastu and Negativity Removal
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this lamp is specially designed and often recommended for cleaning negativity from home, office, shop etc. it has power to clean high to high negativity from envrionment, home, business can be used for wish making also.

this is also used in reiki, normal use, vaastu product, reiki product, astrology product or fengsui product

we call it camphor lamp and magic lamp, comes with beautiful brass diya.

must for every home, office and shops

once you buy it and u can call us personally to know how to use it , guidance free and very easy to use

this is Also Used as Vastu Remedy, One Product Multiple Healing Benefits a Must for Every Home

Vastu Reiki Camphor Lamp is a lamp that spreads peace and harmony in your house. Camphor Lamp balances and harmonizes the environment around us. It removes the negative energy. Vaastu lamp brings positive energy to your house. It neutralizes negative energy coming to your house. You may keep Reiki lamp anywhere in your house. How to use Camphor Reiki Magic Lamp Place wick and Mustard Oil in the base portion of the Camphor lamp in a Diya specially designed for this purpose. This portion of Camphor lamp is called as burner. The portion above the burner is a Katori Form in which camphor along with water is to be placed. One Tikki Of Camphor with Two Three Spoon of Water is Enough. When this burner is activated using Mustard Oil Diya, camphor kept on the shade vaporizes. This vapor spreads inside the house and spreads positivity in the whole area surrounding it. This lamp has been found very effective in neutralizing the negative impact of vastu faults, Negative Vibes, Black Magic, Jealously Rok Tok, and Brings Prosperity in Business, Home and Health. Also Good for Stress relieving and Burning in Room where kids Studies. Even some of our clients have used this lamp successfully in haunted houses.

Camphor Lamp balances and harmonizes the aura around us. It neutralizes the negative energy. It provides stability for your money. It can be used to remove stress. It spreads peace and harmony in your house

It purifies the atmosphere by removing all Types of negative energies present in it due to tension, Depression, vaastu defects,black magic, planetary effects and Also the harmful radiations emitted by T.V., Computer,microwove Oven, Mobiles etc. The lamp also cleanes the air of the disease- Causing germs & improves its odour. How to use:- Remove the lid the upper bowl and fill it three Fourths with water. Put one teaspoon of pure camphor in it (it is Available with us, seperately with the lamp). Replace the lid over The bowl. Now fill the lower bowl with any edible oil (mustard, Sesame, etc.) and place a cotton wick inside the Diya placed in This bowl. Now burn the lamp & place the camphor bowl over the Lamp. The lamp will continuously burn for 5-6 hows and absorb all the Negative energy in the environment, thereby making it pure, Clean & full of energy. All the negative energy gets acculated in The form of a beehive like structure under thecamphor bowl.the Formation of this beehive depends upon the amount of negative Energy in the environment. Therefore, as the atmosphere begins To become clean & pure, the blackened beehive also does not Form as quickly as before. With accumulation of negative energy, The odour of camphor also rednces significantly, which later Returns naturally with the cleansing of the usrrounding. This is Also proves the fact that black beehive does not form due to Combustion of camphor, as one may suppoedly think! In addition to camphor, you can also use any other kind of Perfume or fragrance oil to derise the pleasure of a clean & pure Environment. The special design of this lamp attracts all the Negative energy & burns it off leaing abbotnely clean, pure & Healthy environment.This device is absolutely essential for Homes,offices,factories & healing cebtres.

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