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Monica is renowned Celebrity Tarot Card Reader, she is expert in spells casting and making, all spells kit are charged with highest powers and work miraclously if you perform the way it has been written and with faith.

charged candles comes with specific oil used for purpose and written process how to perform it.

Candles are Magical and So Do Tarot and Herbs, If you Know How When And Which way to use you will be suprise to see magical results

Monica Energise, Prepare Spells with Proper Rituals, And Give You Whole Process In Written to Perform it. It Is Very Much Required that spell has to be prepared by an expert so that it works.

Now You Can Buy Online Spells for Money, Relationship, Starting a Home business, Success In Already Running Business, Attracting Prospects, Love Spells, Encourage Your Debtors to Pay your Money Back etc and Much more.

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Money Candle Spell Energised By Celebrity Tarot Reader Monica Agrawal
Spell are powerful process specially when energised by powers of Spiritual Person who has power t..
Ex Tax: ₹24,000.00
Based on 1 reviews.
Seven Chakra Healing Energised Candle With Seven Oils
Seven Major Chakra are responsible for major of our life situations.if they are balanced..
Ex Tax: ₹3,500.00
Spell Casting Course Online India-Delhi
This is Professional Spell Casting Course which included various spell casting methods and techni..
Ex Tax: ₹60,000.00
Based on 2 reviews.
Spell For General Business Success
Already Running a Business? Looking for More Money Flow? General Business Success? Want to Attrac..
Ex Tax: ₹18,000.00
Spell for Help In Making Best Decesion
Spells are powerful magical way of manifesting. if you are stuck and cant make decesion or you ne..
Ex Tax: ₹25,000.00
Spell For Starting Home Business
Want to Start a new Home Business ? Facing Obstacles? Or Just Having Inner Doubts , Need Crea..
Ex Tax: ₹24,000.00
Spell For Success In Starting a new Business
Want to Start a new Business ? Facing Obstacles? Or Just Having Inner Doubts Spells are magic..
Ex Tax: ₹24,000.00
Spell to Overcome an Addiction or Bad Habit
This Spell Helps In Working with your subconcious mind in a positive way to help you in overcomin..
Ex Tax: ₹15,000.00
Tarot & Numerology Grandmaster Course
Tarot Grandmaster Professional Course  is Extensive Course Specially Designed for Souls who ..
Ex Tax: ₹180,000.00
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