Delivery Information

1. Place the Order Online and Confirm

2. Deposit the final total amount shown on cart in bank account given and either mail us or whats app us on given number or call us for prompt delivery. If less amount is deposited order will not be confirmed and amount is non refundable only adjustable provided availed and informed within 48 hours.

3. In stock order will be processed and sent within 3-7 days excluding the delivery time by courier

4. pre order might take 7-10 days depending on product as some products are imported and may take time to dispatch although we try to make it as soon as possible. You can also contact via phone before depositing to make sure of time delivery.

5. For out of stock products please contact personally or whats app. Most of them are available can be arranged but some might be out of market or stopped, so pls confirm , courier receipt number and details will be mailed or whats app  to you 

6. until the payment is received in bank order will not be considered as confirmed and it will show as pending so it is advisable once you make payment inform us via any method to avoid delay and fast delivery.

7. No Returns and Exchange as Crystals Carried Energies and We Do Not Entertain Crystal Products return

8. If any product is out of stock, pls contact us personally we will try to arrange for you.

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