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Monica Agrawal is Renowned Reiki Grandmaster & Celebrity Tarot Card Reader. She is Trained in Many Spiritual Techniques, processes, Reiki, Tarot, Crystal, Candle, Spell Casting, Astrology, Vastu, Numerology, karuna reiki, angel therapy, fengsui, coffee cup reading and much more. 

Founder of Divine Centre Path Towards Spirituality and Spiritualstore.in.

Purpose of Spiritual Store is to provide you genuine and tested spiritual, reiki, crystal products at the comfort of your home in genuine price.

Monica personally check quality of every item and ensures it is a genuine original crystal product. She charges the product after cleansing by Reiki, Mantra, Angel Therapy so that you can be benefitted with it.

If you compare with quality the prices are very reasonable as we personally focus on quality product rather than quantity.

For The first time, we bring you store where you get actual tested, charged genuine product. We make Sure That Money You are spending is secured and getting you orginal, non treated and high quality Products. We have Best Dealers, naufacturers In Our Tie-Ups which Brings best quality products.

Since Crystals carries vibration and energies, so no return is entertained once purchased. we make ensure that product reaches to you in excellent condition. you can be rest assured on packaging part. You are welcome to call us personally for any queries even after product is deliveered as we provide after sale support.

There are Many stones available in market which are heated and fake, beware of such suppliers, they might give you in less cost but it would not be effective. We ensure the genuity and quality of product

More About Monica Agrawal

I am a Spiritualist, Reiki Grandmaster, Tarot Reader, Coffee Reader and Trained In Many Spiritual Techniques. By Education I Am MBA From NMIMS Bombay and has spent my almost 17+ years in HR Management. I have been practicing meditation and spiritualism for more than 15 years now, and I adopted spiritualism full time around more than six years back. I am Optimistic and believes in working as per intuition guides.  Right now I have dedicated myself completely to spiritual field and my soul purpose is to help as many people as I can within remaining into my honest and spiritual guidelines.

More About Divine Centre Path Towards Spirituality

Divine Centre is catered to people who wants to walk on path of spirituality. But every person has their own journey and no one is same and so do paths may differ for same destination. Hence We are providing many spiritual services like Meditation, Reiki Trainings, karuna reiki, kundalini reiki, aura cleansing, chakra balancing, dowsing, Tarot Card reading, Numerology, Astrology, Cermancy, Courses, Coffee Cup Reading, Tea Leaf and Wine Reading, Crystal Healing, Crystal Solutions, Mantra chanting, bach flower remedies to heal deep emotions, spell casting, candle healing, angel reiki, Angel therapy, Angel Reading, past life sessions, self hypnosis, trance healing and much more. Our Courses, Consultations and Products we provide

One Can start with their field of interest and move further with proper guidance we provide as per their interests and energies.






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